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about cindy chan

I strive to reflect the grace, beauty, and patterns of nature in my ceramic work through its form and glaze design.  My early sculptures reflect the spunk and individuality of girls and women.  In my current work, these larger projects reflect my own sense of being a woman.  I like experimenting with new techniques and allowing each piece to evolve organically.  Some of my best work has arisen from mis-steps in my construction process.  By being open, I see new directions.

Twelve years ago, unable to work because of an autoimmune disease called lupus, I needed a positive focus, so I enrolled in my first adult education ceramics class, which turned out to be a perfect fit for me.  I didn’t think that I was at all artistic, but clay is a forgiving medium and I a willing student.  Since my first ceramics class, I have built upon my skills: starting with the classic ashtray and advancing to more complicated challenges.


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