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about anita green

I have always been intrigued by colors and shapes.  Various experiences as a child convinced me I was not an artist.  Art became my secret pastime.  My paintings are all about trying to capture the space between reality and perception, the realm where intangible feelings reside.  I like people to dive into the colors and images with only the title of the piece as their guide.

Many of my paintings have the quality of watercolors, but are produced with oils and turpenoid.  In upcoming work, I will combine the two genres in a self-published book and also continue to explore multimedia projects.

I studied performance art and painting at the Los Angeles Women’s Building in the late seventies and with Lynn Ruth Miller in Pacifica from 2000 to 2003.  My work space has been at The Blue Studio on 17th and Mission in San Francisco since 2004.  Since 2005 I have studied with a number of artists at Sharon Arts Studio in Golden Gate Park including: Dolores Grey, Virginia Banta, Jacqueline Ruben, and Mary Harden.


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